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Book Review: A Very Accidental Love Story by Claudia Carroll

A Very Accidental Love Story by Claudia Carroll is what I would dub a grower. At first it is difficult to empathise with the ‘leading lady’, however, as the story unfolds you see that this is necessary to the plot. The journey through the novel sees not only her change, but the way in which the people around her cause the changes within her. It is a gradual and subtle adjustment that is realistic and relatable.

The journey itself is not your typical romance either, there is quite a serious undertone and you’re constantly weighing up all the things that could potentially go wrong, whilst hoping that the genre of the book means that it’ll all be right in the end.

Without giving too much away, I will state that I was not disappointed. Everything fell into place at the right times and the ending was far more satisfying that I had initially thought it would be.

I sign off pretty much all of my book reviews like this (mainly because I know what I like), but I’d definitely recommend.


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