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My 5 Step Morning Mum Routine

Every Mum, whether a working mum, stay-at-home mum, work-from-home mum etc. should know the importance of taking a bit of time out for themselves. However, this can be pretty difficult to slot in to the life of being a parent.

Below you’ll see my 5 step morning routine which usually sets me up for a productive day and helps me de-stress a little.


Each morning I open my Headspace app and meditate for five minutes. I either squeeze this in when my eldest is up and ready for school so that he can keep an eye on my youngest, or sometimes, I’ll simply pop my youngest in her high chair with her morning milk and meditate on the edge of the bed while she listens to a few of her favourite nursery rhymes on YouTube in the living room.

Bed Making & Laundry

Although this doesn’t sound very relaxing, I find that this step helps not only the cleanliness of the bedroom, but also de-clutters my mind for the day ahead. As we keep the laundry hampers in our bedroom, it makes sense to put a load of laundry together once the bed is made and move it to the washing machine. This means I have a nice neat bed and less laundry knocking about the room. Win-win.

Skincare Routine

This step is always done when my little girl is having her breakfast. I let her feed herself while I brush my teeth and start my skincare routine. I’ve never worn a full face of make-up and rarely bother with a hairstyle that is fussier than a bun, so all in all my routine only takes five to ten minutes. I brush my teeth, wash my face with warm water and a face cloth first, use my favoured face cleanser (I never use scrubs and rarely use face wipes anymore) and moisturise. If I’m feeling up to it, I will then use a moisturising primer and dab on a bit of concealer, mascara and lippy. Job done.


I don’t usually eat breakfast until about 11am, however, I find starting the day with a calming cup of tea always helps prepare me for the day ahead. I like to use my little glass tea strainer teapot that I got from IKEA. I love being able to see the contents, there’s something fantasy-esque about it, or perhaps that’s just me…

Finally, Wear Something Comfortable Yet Feminine

I am a plus size lady and have dealt with body confidence issues ever since I was a teen. I’m still dealing with them now in fact. So this is purely a personal step that I find necessary for me. I’ve had so many moments where I look in my wardrobe and can’t find anything that I like, so I make a conscious effort to only buy things that I both like and that I can wear comfortably. I favour jeans but don’t have more than one of the same colour, and I like soft pinks and pastels so I wear these almost everyday. It makes me feel pretty, feminine and good about myself.

It’s all about creating a routine that works around you and for you. Time management is a learned skill and can be incorporated in every moment of your life, even that hectic morning getting the kids ready for school. Make the most of those five minutes that your child zones off to Bing or Mr Tumble. Let your little one hold their own toothbrush and suck the toothpaste clean off it while you take a minute to make yourself look a bit more human after a restless night of toddler wake ups. After all, we all deserve to feel good about ourselves.

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