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National Wedding Show Olympia!

As an excited bride to be, I find that using my work skills (research and organisation) as part of the approach to planning my wedding, helps to keep things in order. That being said, I do love a day out with my girls, so I felt no shame in dragging my bridesmaids and maid of honour (my lovely mum) out to the National Wedding Show in Olympia, London on my birthday weekend.

Never having been to a wedding show before I was full of expectation. I wanted to be inspired with ideas for my wedding day and perhaps get an idea of the places that might do the wedding dress to match my already chosen wedding shoes.

Fair to say I was a little disappointed, whilst the dresses were lovely, the catwalk models didn’t vary much in size and a lot of the dresses were very similar in style. Not to mention their choice of bridesmaid dresses were pretty thin on the ground. For a wedding show I was expecting to see everything from vintage to eclectic styles in a range of colours for every type of wedding. As someone who loves the idea of a tea length wedding dress, I couldn’t believe out of all the dresses there I only came across one!

Nevertheless, it wasn’t all bad, it gave me a realistic idea of photographer and cake prices, as well as helping me to make the decision on cake flavour. Red velvet all the way! I also fell in love the faux sakura tree in @theweddinglounge area and the @GingerRay store.

For a sneak peek at what it was like click the video below!


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