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Stocking Fillers for Baby

There’s quite a big age gap between my two children, my boy is nine and my girl is 7 months. My boy is usually quite easy to buy for as he tends to go through obsessions on an annual basis. At one point it was Paw Patrol, then Chuggington, then Power Rangers and at the moment he is enamoured with everything Lego (or Blox for us Mums with a local Wilko). As for my 7 month old, she’s already had so many new things and won’t remember this Christmas, so it seems a little bit redundant for her! Nevertheless, as difficult as it might have been to finalise the gifts for my littlest one, I got there in the end and it might well help other Mums/Dads who may stray upon this.

So here goes my 7 month old’s stocking list, complete with links:

Rudolph Tote Slippers; because Christmas morning deserves new Christmas slippers!

Vtech Singing Puppy; it comes with  batteries and once out of the box is a brilliant addition to any baby stocking.

 Kiddylicious Strawberry Wafers; she may not be able to have a selection box or choccy buttons/coins, but got to have a foodie treat in there!

Little Learning Library; for some reason the one I got on Amazon shot up from £4.99 to £13, but there are loads of alternatives like this Hungry Caterpillar version. As a book worm, how could I not include books?!

Vtech Teething Hippo; with two teeth already present, I know there will be more soon. So a teething toy will make a great addition to her other teething rings and toys.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Gift Set; my little one hates bath time so I’m forever trying to find ways to make it relaxing and enjoyable for her. Hopefully this works, babies need pampering too!

Now aside from additional snacks crammed in the sides of the stocking, that pretty much fills it without breaking the bank. Onwards to a very Merry Christmas!


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