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Book Review: Flowers in the Attic

Flowers in the Attic was one of the first ‘adult genre’ books that I read. I first read it in my teen years and revisited it as an adult. It’s amazing how age can change your perception and deepen your understanding of certain things. Whether that’s a positive or negative in this case I’m still unsure…

In short, the Dollanganger’s perfect family is torn apart by an unfortunate accident and they are forced to turn to their estranged family for help, they realise that there will be no easy way out regardless of how wealthy a family they are originally part of.

A mother’s love becomes tainted by greed and self obsession.

A brother’s love becomes twisted by confinement and responsibility.

A daughter’s love becomes shrouded in suspicion and doubt.

Both thrilling and haunting. Flowers in the Attic captures the feelings of four children abandoned by the one person they thought they could trust above all others, on a journey that takes place in a single attic. They discover secrets of a past they never could have imagined and mould a future that is more akin to it than they could dare to envision.

It is a story so far removed from what we can visualise as being possible that it makes it all the more real. Every macabre detail and shocking ingredient makes for a novel that not only tugs at the heart strings but also shakes the core.

With plot twists at every turn and a writing style that can cause emotions to run riot, Virginia Andrews captivates readers from the first page of the first book in her Dollanganger series, to the last.


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Flowers in the Attic

  1. Oh man. I was a really strange kid and was entirely obsessed with VC Andrews. This book started it all… I still have a big collection of her books. My husband and I recently binged all 3 lifetime movies in this series. What a weird day! There was quite a bit of wine lol


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